SmartManFest: a glimpse into the world of digitalisation at Széchenyi University

Industry 5.0 innovation and technological transition as well as industrial upgrading is the theme of the programme of Széchenyi István University, which is organised within the framework of the Smart Manufacturing Festival, a tradition-creating event on the campus of the University of Győr and in the former biscuit factory, the Győr Innovation Park. On 6 March, visitors will be able to take a look at the world of digitalisation innovations through exciting presentations and lab visits.

SmartManFest is a series of events organised by the National Technology Platform Association for Industry 4.0 (NTPSZ), in which large Hungarian industrial companies, SMEs, higher education institutions and research centres open their doors to the public and provide an insight into the fascinating world of industrial digitalisation.

Between 26 February and 8 March, there will be nearly 50 different programmes at more than 30 venues.

During the programme, visitors interested in technological innovations and industrial digitalisation solutions will be able to learn about the operations of modern companies engaged in smart manufacturing, as well as the developments of leading higher education institutions.

On Wednesday 6 March, Széchenyi István University will host a programme focusing on innovative digital solutions. The institution is committed to modern technologies and sustainability, which is also a key focus of its research and development activities.

A panel discussion will be held in the morning, between 10 and 12 in the Győr Innovation Park, giving participants a chance to see the inside of the former biscuit factory building, which has recently been completely renovated.

The event "Digital Innovation in the Győr Science Park" will be

 moderated by Dr. Ákos Kovács (Digital Development Centre), speakers are Dr. Áron Ballagi (Department of Automation and Mechatronics - Automotive Industry Research Centre), Norbert Szántó (Department of Automation and Mechatronics - Automotive Industry Research Centre - Digital Development Centre), Dr. Szabolcs Szalai (Department of Vehicle Manufacturing and Technology), Dr. Dénes Fodor (Department of Power Electronics and E-Drives) and Balázs Lukács (Digital Development Centre).

7f5c56_aa0c2f7082bd4a4ebfd74a6cb3434c10~mv2.webpThe former Biscuit Fíactory cube building has been completely renewed to serve science and innovation as the Győr Innovation Park of Széchenyi István University (Photo: András Adorján)


From 13:00 onwards, laboratory visits will take place on the Győr campus, including the Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Systems Laboratory, the Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory, the IT Telecommunications Laboratory, the Drone Tech Laboratory and the Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre.

SmartManFest is therefore open to all, but registration is required, whether you are a student, a small or medium-sized business owner, a member of the profession or a visitor from outside. To register, go to

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