Spinoff Extra: students can learn from top executives at Széchenyi István University

The Spinoff Club is a highly successful community-building, innovation economy programme series of Széchenyi István University, during which renowned invited speakers discuss the business aspects of the latest technological trends in a panel discussion. From this semester, the brand will be extended with a new event: during Spinoff Extra, visitors can meet successful top managers - the first guest will be Dr. István Szászi, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Kft. on Wednesday, 20 March.


The aim of the Spinoff Club series of events at Széchenyi István University is to connect people interested in business, entrepreneurship and innovation, thus creating links that can be used to develop research and development projects or even start-up businesses. Each discussion will be based around a popular, topical and inspiring theme. In February this year, representatives of the entrepreneurial sector in Győr discussed trends in artificial intelligence, to overwhelming public interest.


Given the great success of the brand, the team of the University's Centre for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation decided to add another event to the biannual calendar: the Spinoff Extra, as the subtitle of the event suggests, will give visitors the chance to meet a well-known and respected senior executive in person. They will give you a behind-the-scenes look at the sector they represent, lift the veil on the key challenges facing their businesses and share their personal experiences of their career paths. The events are open and free of charge, and the organisers welcome all interested parties.

0f29ed_890b13f4109440eaa5501fad83e0a0f4~mv2.jpegThe first event will be a presentation by Dr. István Szászi, Head of the Bosch Group Hungary and Adriatic Region, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Kft. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)


First, on Wednesday, March 20, from 17:30, Dr. István Szászi, Head of the Bosch Group Hungary and Adriatic Region, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Kft. will be the guest of Spinoff Extra at the University's Innovation Park in Győr, in the "Cube". The Gábor Dénes Prize winner (originally an automotive engineer)besides his managerial position and  research background, is connected to higher education by a thousand links. His presentation will cover the state of the European (and Hungarian) automotive industry, the rise of electromobility and self-driving cars, and the present and future of engineering education in Hungary. There will also be an opportunity for informal discussions and personal networking after the event.

The venue of the March 20 Spinoff Extra will be the Győr Innovation Park of Széchenyi István University (Photo: András Adorján)

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