Sports and digitalisation: Pick Szeged and Győri ETO-UNI FKC cooperate with SZE

Széchenyi István University concluded a research-development and educational cooperation agreement with Pick Handball Zrt. and Győri ETO-UNI FKC. In the framework of the partnership the institution puts digitalisation at the service of sport and develops data-driven services that contribute to the improvement of the performance of athletes.

The signing ceremony of the agreement which the institution concluded with the men's handball clubs of Szeged and Győr took place on the campus of Széchenyi István University in Győr. "The aim is to help sport with the tools of digitalisation", dr. István Drotár, Head of the University's Digital Development Centre said while briefly summarising the essence of the triple cooperation. He explained that the joint project will provide data-based support for handball at both team and individual levels. He added that sports dietetics and sports nutrition methods built on the development of a data-driven management system to improve the performance of professional athletes are being developed. 

In addition to research and development, the agreement also covers the development of training, mainly in the field of sports and recreation management. The Szeged club participates in the development of joint projects with the university, and undertakes to provide professional, methodological and sport-specific support to the cooperating partners in the framework of sports professional cooperation. The Győri ETO-UNI FKC Kft. contributes to the development, testing and implementation of joint tender projects for the sports-dietetic system for men's handball players.



Participants of the ceremonial signature of the cooperation. (Photo: Máté Dudás)


"The openness and activity of Széchenyi István University is exemplary, which significantly facilitates the partnership. Player measurement, performance monitoring and data-based analysis are extremely important for us, so we are happy to participate in the cooperation", Bence Kiss, CEO of Pick Kézilabda Zrt. said. He added that, in addition to engaging in forward-looking research with the university, the current agreement will further deepen the already excellent sports relationship with the sports club of Győr.

"At our university, we prioritise sport, and we offer our elite sports students a dual career path so that they can succeed in civilian life after their active careers with the degree they have earned here. The strength of our institution is the research of modern technologies, which can also contribute greatly to the development of sport - in this case, the improvement of athletes' performance”, dr. Bálint Filep, President of Széchenyi University said. He highlighted that they will create an innovative environment in which the institution and leading global companies can cooperate directly with each other, including in the Győr Innovation Park, located a few hundred metres from the campus.

Rita Uhlig, CEO of Győri ETO-UNI FKC Kft. emphasized that the University of Győr really helps the athletes in everything, from which the handball players also benefit. She thanked the sports partnership of the Szeged club, which also contributes to the success of handball in Győr. 

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