Students from Audi Hungaria School can begin their studies with credit transfer

Széchenyi István University signed a cooperation agreement with Audi Hungaria School on 8 May. Under the agreement, students of the school's dual vocational training programme will be able to take advantage of the possibility of credit transfer in the university's Bachelor's degree programmes in Business and Management and Commerce and Marketing, which can significantly shorten their time spent studying.

Széchenyi István University places great emphasis on international quality education, research and contribution to the development of the Hungarian economy. This is an important aspect in the development of the institution's partnerships. The university has recently concluded agreements with a number of schools, and is the first in the country to offer preliminary student status to technical school students.

Two years ago, the institution signed a cooperation agreement with the leaders of the Győr Vocational Training Centre and AUDI Hungaria Zrt. to establish the Győr Knowledge Transfer Centre. The aim of the centre is to make the career model based on vocational training more attractive and to create interoperability between vocational training and higher education by providing practice-oriented education adapted to the needs of the labour market. 

This is also in line with the agreement between Széchenyi István University and Audi Hungaria School, whereby students of the school's dual vocational training programme can have their qualifications credited towards their university studies. Students who successfully complete the foreign-language industrial and commercial technician course with a professional examination will be able to earn credits in the Bachelor of Business and Management and the Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing at the university. In addition, the university recognises the dual practical training as equivalent to the semester of compulsory practical training in both programmes.



Dr. Erzsébet Knáb, Founding President of the Széchenyi István University Foundation, Dr. Zsolt Kovács, Vice President for General and Education Affairs of Széchenyi István University, Andreas Gering, Director General of the Audi Hungaria School, Tünde Havassy, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Audi Hungaria School Foundation and Emil Kauschitz, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees at the signing ceremony.


"We have reached a milestone in the history of vocational training in our school. In the framework of our strategic partnership with Széchenyi István University, we are creating new opportunities for our students in their careers," said Emil Kauschitz, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Audi Hungaria School Maintenance and Operating Public Foundation. He thanked all those who contributed to the cooperation and to the further expansion of the partnership between the university and the school.

Andreas Gering, Director General of the Audi Hungaria School Centre, praised the importance of the recognition of vocational qualifications in higher education and the practical knowledge that can be gained in dual training. "This agreement will enable our students to use the knowledge and skills they have already acquired to complete their studies more effectively," he said. Regarding Széchenyi István University, he said that an inclusive educational culture based on diversity and strengths not only benefits students, but also makes Győr's educational offer even more attractive.


Dr. Erzsébet Knáb, founding president of the Széchenyi István University Foundation, called the agreement between the two institutions unique. "The cooperation provides a continuity of education for the school leaving students, which recognises and credits the knowledge they have acquired so far, and through which they can continue their career path at the University of Győr," she underlined. She stressed that the Audi School is a special institution, from which young people of great potential emerge and can continue to use their knowledge and skills at Széchenyi University.


"AUDI Hungaria Zrt. is the number one partner of our institution, and we have an excellent relationship with the Audi Hungaria School, and our current agreement opens the door to higher education for students. We take talented young people by the hand in secondary school and lead them to the main entrance of the university. All they have to do is step through it," said Dr Zsolt Kovács, Vice President for General and Education at Széchenyi István University. He added that the university offers young people, including the Audi School graduates, practice-oriented knowledge that is in demand on the labour market, a valuable degree, a diverse student life, an international atmosphere and excellent university infrastructure.

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