Students from SZE engaged in an International Short Training Programme in the Netherlands

Between 27th November and 1st December, the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands hosted a week of attendance of the Regional University Network - European University (RUN-EU) initiative, a hybrid short training programme, where Széchenyi István University was represented by nine students and four lecturers.

The programme organisers and students from Széchenyi University in front of the Peace Palace in the Hague. From left to right. Ferenc Dákai, Levente Ferencz, Pál Gidály, Dr. Mónika Ganczer, Dr. Gábor Kecskés, Dr. Júlia Szőke, Bánk Nagy, Rebeka Mercédesz Kozma, Zsuzsanna Pálffy, Csenge Pallag, Kolos Kusica, Benedek Komonczy-Wilms and Katalin Molnár Ingrid.

The programme was entitled as Geopolitics in a rapidly changing world and was preceded by five weeks of online training, during which the students listened to lectures delivered by academics and experts on geopolitics, trade "wars", regional alliances, constitutional and international law, and sustainability and sustainable development. The week included a workshop on negotiation techniques and various simulation exercises. For one day, the team visited the Hague, where they were first given a presentation on the emerging role of China at the House of Europe, then they learned about the major historical events of the Peace Treaty at the Peace Palace and finally, they listened to a presentation by Judge Dr. Péter Kovács at the International Criminal Court. During the programme, the students simulated a peace conference on the South China Sea Conflict as part of their briefing. Apart from gaining international experience, contacts and experiences, they also received credits for completing the programme.


Three students of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Humanities and Social Sciences named Ingrid Katalin Molnár, Kolos Kusica and Benedek Komonzcy-Wilms, all majoring in International Studies, and six law students of the Faculty of Law - Rebeka Kozma, Csenge Pallag, Ferenc Dákai, Pál Gidály, Levente Ferencz and Bánk Nagy - all majoring in Law, successfully completed the training.

The training was organised jointly by the lecturers of the Thorbecke Academy of the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and the Deputy Dean for International Relations of the Apáczai Faculty, Dr. Júlia Szőke, Associate Professor and Zsuzsanna Pálffy, Assistant Professor, and from the Faculty of Law, Dr. Mónika Ganczer and Dr. Gábor Kecskés, Associate Professors, Dr. Csaba Erdős, Associate Dean for Social Relations, Associate Professor and Dr. István Stumpf, Professor.

The organisers of the programme and the students in the International Criminal Court building in the Hague with Judge Dr Péter Kovács (centre).

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