Students from the Slovakian Border Regions "Felvidék" feel at home at SZE

Almost two hundred Hungarian students from the Slovakian Border Regions, "Felvidék" study at Széchenyi István University. One of them, Levente Varga from Nagymegyer, says that the courses are of high quality and the community is very welcoming, so he has no problems integrating.

Levente Varga, 20, from Slovakia, has been a student at Széchenyi István University for a year and a half; he is now starting his fourth semester and is excited to see what the rest of his time has in store. For the international studies major, it was a clear choice to start his studies at the Győr-based institution.

"I applied for this course because I love communication, I like to learn about new cultures, make new contacts and I enjoy learning foreign languages."

- said the young man from "Felvidék", for whom it means a lot to study in Hungary, in Hungarian. He added that it is important for him to preserve the Hungarian language and traditions.

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Levente Varga also mentioned the high quality of the residence halls as a positive aspect (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

The student, from Nagymegyer (population 8,200), is one of nearly 200 Hungarian students from Slovakia studying at Széchenyi István University. In September last year alone, more than half a hundred freshmen from the Slovakian Border Regions,"Felvidék" started their studies at one of the nine faculties. This proves that the institution is very popular among the local students, many of whom choose Győr or Mosonmagyaróvár as their place of higher education.


It was no different for Levente; he wanted to continue his studies in a Hungarian institution. At first, he was attracted by the proximity of Győr and the short distance, but when he found out about the university's high quality courses and excellent environment, there was no question of choosing SZE.

Once in Hungary, he settled in easily, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere he experienced at the university and the community he got to know. He and his friends enjoy participating in the activities organised by the institution. "I was impressed by the variety of events, where everyone can find something to do," said the student, who likes to attend events on campus because they offer students a chance to relax and have a great time. Another positive aspect is the quality of the residence halls.

As for his future, Levente said that after completing his bachelor's degree in international studies, he would like to apply for a master's degree - still at SZE - because he was impressed by the institution and also liked Győr.

After graduation, he could see himself working as an interpreter, or perhaps in a position in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he could put his skills to good use.

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