Students’ Innovative Projects for international students (SIP)

The University is committed to the professional and financial support of international scholarship students within the framework of programmes that generate added value not only for their own purposes, but also for the University, and in a broader sense for the local business community and the private sector, while enabling students to gain valuable professional experience. Moreover, the programmes are expected to actively contribute to the optimization of living conditions and opportunities for international students.

Projects in Spring Semester 2020/2021


Two teams will work on two innovation assignments. These are defined by the university itself in the first semester, based on feedback from international students, in the framework of the following two identified fields of action:

  • The majority of international students cook in the Halls of Residence for economic and cultural reasons, and it is a serious difficulty for them to obtain fresh ingredients and spices in Győr/ in Hungary that are suitable for their own gastronomic culture.
  • Orientation in shops, commercial units. International students are challenged to obtain information about the ingredients of food, because labels are typically in Hungarian or in the language of the surrounding countries and rarely in English. Official signs are often used only in Hungarian, and language barriers complicate communication with the staff.

We are looking for innovative solutions and good practice for the way these challenges can be faced.

What are you applying for?

  • Innovative solutions to be developed in 12-14 week projects with the support of a mentor instructor.
  • The progress of the project will be documented.
  • You will be working in teams of 5 people.


Advantages within the participation:

  • You will receive additional free of charge training in entrepreneurship.
  • You can expand your CV.
  • Your work will be honoured with a scholarship of around HUF 100,000.


For further information please contact us:

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The deadline for registration is the 10th of February.

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