SZE assists international students of Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People

Within the framework of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Youth (SCYP), 21 international students who are minorities in their home country are currently studying at Széchenyi István University. As usual, the Széchenyi István University has continued to support their integration and religious practice through a number of programmes this semester.

For Christian communities living in a minority in their home country, it is essential for young generations to receive high-quality higher education in order to thrive in their homeland. Helping them to achieve this goal, Hungary launched a scholarship programme in 2017, which is an integral part of the Hungary Helps humanitarian programme in Hungary. The aim is to enable participants to return to their home countries after graduation and become agents of development locally.

Páliné Nyiri Sylvia, of the University's International Programmes and Alumni Centre, said: Széchenyi István University has been successfully participating in the programme, with a total of 21 young people studying in Győr. They come from a number of countries, from Kenya through Syria to Pakistan.

As the main aim is to help their integration, the university organises several events for the students, where they can make new contacts, feel welcomed in a like-minded Christian community and, last but not least, practice their religion freely.

This semester, the scholarship holders have attended English-language services in Győr on a weekly basis. In addition, the university also provided Bible study sessions where they learned more about their relationship with their friends and God through the words of the Scripture, and besides reflection and contemplation they have also learned positive self-development ideas.

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The Christian scholarship students also visited Bishop-Lookout Tower in Győr. (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

The Bible lessons ended with a special event, a trip to the Káptalandomb in Győr. During this trip, the international students were provided the opportunity to learn about the story of the martyred Bishop of Győr, Baron Vilmos Apor, who lost his life while protecting refugees who were taken in and kept hidden at the end of the Second World War. They also had the opportunity to admire the beauty of Győr from the Lookout Tower and to visit Café Collis, whose main ambition is to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

Matthew Boota, a first-year Master's student in Supply Chain Management from Pakistan, really enjoyed the programmes.

 "I had a unique and special experience. In addition to understanding the teachings of the Bible, the Bible classes gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded young people, and besides entertainment, the city tour in Győr provided an excellent chance to explore the city of Győr and its culture in more depth. All this has contributed to my personal development and I am happy to have been part of these programmes," he explained.

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Pakistani student Matthew Boota in the Lookout Tower of Győr's Bishop’s Castle - in the background you can see the modern buildings of Széchenyi István University. (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

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