SZE has purchased and is renovating the post office building on the Győr campus

The Institute of Transport and Postal Operations was founded in 1975 at the predecessor institution of Széchenyi István University, the Technical College of Transport and Telecommunications, and its successful program was the postal operations course launched two years earlier and running until 2003. To provide theoretical and practical training, a two-storey post office was built as an investment by Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post) and opened on the campus in 1983. The facility still plays an important role in the life of the university and the city, and the institution's management was one of the first to take steps to ensure that the post office, which was temporarily closed at the end of last year, could reopen as soon as possible, in January this year.

Another milestone is the purchase of the 750 square metre property from Magyar Posta Zrt. in October. The institution will carry out energy saving renovation of the building this year within the framework of the European Union project KEHOP-5.2.2-16-2017-00110 "Energy efficiency development of the Győr site of Széchenyi István University". During the project, the façade will be insulated, the flat roof will be insulated and waterproofed, the building services system will be modernised and the external windows and doors will be replaced. During the construction period, the post office will remain open. Another development is that from 1 February 2024, Széchenyi University will take over the operation of the post office as a postal partner.

"This will benefit our students, our staff and the people who live in the area. As one of the best universities in Hungary, our institution has around 1,500 staff, 14,000 students and many businesses, for whom the existence of the post office is extremely important. This is particularly true for our nearly one thousand international students from almost 80 countries, for whom rapid access to postal services, which are part of the university ecosystem, is also essential. It is also important that thousands of residents live in the immediate vicinity of our campus, as well as many businesses and Győr's largest retirement home. It is also essential for them to have easy access to these services," said Dr. Bálint Filep, President of Széchenyi István University.

"A year ago I took the initiative to reopen the post offices in Győr. Together with the President of the University, we had successful negotiations with the President of the Hungarian Postal Service, which were tailored to local conditions. As mayor, I also had to bear in mind that this post office not only plays a crucial role in the life of one of Hungary's most dynamically developing higher education institutions, but is also indispensable for the people living in Révfalu, Bácsa, Sárás and the Ergényi housing estate. We have been thinking long-term, so in addition to the small post office on Kálvária Road, we have reopened the Hédervári Road post office building, which has now been taken over by the university as the next step and will further serve the community of the city", said Prof. Dr. Csaba András Dézsi, Mayor of Győr.

"The most important task of Magyar Posta is to ensure that postal services are available throughout the country, while at the same time the company is expected by its owners to operate economically and cost-effectively. Therefore, the initiative of Széchenyi István University is extremely important for the company, as the institution can provide professional postal services to students and residents in the area in renewed, modern conditions. I am confident that more and more people will come to this post office and conveniently manage their postal affairs here", said Dr. Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta Zrt.


Széchenyi István University has already started the renovation of the building. The lower floor of the building houses the post office, while the upper floor will continue to be used for educational purposes. (Photo: András Adorján)


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According to the visual plan, this is how the building will look after the renovation.

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