SZE Iranian student to spend a semester in Germany on scholarship

International students of Széchenyi István University have the opportunity to spend a semester at partner institutions in other European countries with the help of scholarship programmes, getting to know another European culture and university. Many foreign students take advantage of this chance of international mobility, which can open new doors for their studies and future careers – this is what Majid Hazrati from Iran also did.

Majid Hazrati, who comes from the city of Parsabad in the northern part of Iran, arrived at Széchenyi University last autumn, where he is completing his Master's degree in Infrastructure-Civil Engineering. The 35-year-old student graduated as a civil engineer in his home country and gained significant work experience in the recent years. However, to supplement his studies, and to get to know himself and explore new opportunities, he came to Europe to embark on a new adventure. With the help of a scholarship, the young man will spend the spring semester in Germany .

Majid chose Győr and Széchenyi University as the location of his Master's studies for several reasons. The institution's MSc in Infrastructure-Civil Engineering consists of only three semesters, but, at the same time, it provides high-quality training. "Before I applied here, I exchanged many e-mails with Dr Attila Borsos, associate professor in the Department of Transport Infrastructure and Water Resources Engineering, as well as the staff of the Centre of International Programmes and Alumni, and I received extremely positive, affirming feedback, which also influenced my decision," he revealed.

“I am a person who values ​​human interactions, and instead of calling on the phone, I often went in person to the office of the Centre of International Programmes and Alumni if I had any questions or problems. The staff always welcomed me with open arms and handled my questions with infinite patience, looking for the right answer to everything," - said Majid.

sze-iranian-student-to-spend-a-semester-in-germany-on-scholarship.jpegThanks to his ambition and diligence, Majid Hazrati can take advantage of new opportunities in Europe. (Photo: András Adorján)

The Iranian student has adapted well to life in Győr and already feels particularly at home in the city. "I already consider Győr my home. My friends are also here with me, which makes things easier," he explained, adding that he likes to walk in the city centre with his friends in the evenings and occasionally uses the sporting facilities at the University, preferring to start the day on the running track.

Majid also likes to travel in his free time, which is greatly facilitated by Győr's excellent location and frequent bus and train services. "From a traveller’s point of view, Győr has a much better geographical location than Budapest. In the past semester, I managed to get to Vienna and Bratislava in addition to the Hungarian capital, and I was honestly surprised how easy it is to reach these big cities from Győr. It is crucial that trains depart almost every hour," he emphasized.

The student hopes to take another step towards his future in the next semester. "It means a lot to me that I can study in Germany and show my real knowledge that I gained through my study and work experience. In addition, I can get to know the education system of another country, which I also consider an important advantage," said Majid. He has always worked persistently and diligently for his success. At the moment, his main goal is to complete his Master's degree, then take on a job opportunity where he can work in his own field, making use of his knowledge. It is important for him to live and work in Hungary or in the neighbouring countries.

“I have a motto to which I owe many of my successes and opportunities: a door will open to the person who knocks on it. The doors of Széchenyi University have opened for me, and I will always be grateful for that," he concluded.

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