SZE presents ZalaZONE to scientific and technological attachés

Széchenyi István University’s innovation ecosystem at ZalaZONE can be attractive for both foreign companies and research institutes - emphasized the scientific and technological attachés of the Hungarian embassies at the programme presenting to them the opportunities provided by the automotive test track.

Széchenyi István University has an expanding infrastructure at the ZalaZONE in Zalaegerszeg, considered to be one of the most modern automotive test tracks in the world. The institution already has an incubation and accommodation building, and the educational building is under construction. The modern complex, owned by the Széchenyi István University Foundation, serves as an educational, R & D and innovation centre, which can be of interest to many companies and research institutes. The scientific and technological attachés working at Hungary’s diplomatic missions can play a significant role in reaching out to them. The University, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, organized a programme to present the opportunities available at ZalaZONE.

The event was attended by diplomats representing the embassies of Beijing, New Delhi, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, as well as the consulates general of San Francisco, São Paulo, Stuttgart, Munich, and New York.


The scientific and technological attachés with colleagues from the Széchenyi István University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the main building of ZalaZONE. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

During the event, Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice President for International Affairs and Strategic Relations, emphasized that Széchenyi University is present not only in Győr but also in Mosonmagyaróvár, Zalaegerszeg, and Budapest via its education and research activities, thus having a regional impact on the entire North Transdanubia. She added that the University currently has 14,000 students from seventy countries worldwide. As an institution that appears on the rankings of the two largest international higher education ranking organizations, QS and Times Higher Education, it offers a total of about 200 Hungarian and nearly 40 English-taught degree programmes. In addition, it has double degree programmes in Civil Engineering in partnership with Jiaxing University, China, in Tourism with Leiria University in Portugal, and in the field of Economics with Rhode Island University in the United States. It also engages in health research through the MIT LinQ Catalyst Europe programme.

The Vice President also spoke about the University's close relationships with a total of three thousand companies, with Audi being the premium partner.

The construction of the Győr Science and Innovation Park, as well as ZalaZONE, contributes to further diversifying collaborations with stakeholders in the business sector, while the upcoming Győr Health Technology Campus will become a venue for education, research, and healthcare services.

Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice President for International Affairs and Strategic Relations, presented the University and the ecosystem related to ZalaZONE. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

Ferenc Nagy-Rébék, Head of the Cultural and Science Diplomacy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, stated that for years the Ministry has been prioritizing the promotion of the opportunities provided by ZalaZONE via more than a hundred diplomatic missions of Hungary.

He emphasized that this programme is another step in this process.

It was not only in words, but also in reality that Széchenyi University staff presented to the attachés the proving ground’s vehicle and drone testing modules, as well as the buildings of the institution. In addition, the guests had the opportunity to meet with the world élite Formula Student series teams, Arrabona Racing Team and the engine developer SZEngine Team, as they were testing at ZalaZONE for the upcoming racing season.


The guests also received information about the activities of Széchenyi István University’s two student teams, the Arrabona Racing Team and the SZEngine Team. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

During the programme, the attachés emphasized that the proving ground itself is not attractive to companies and research institutes abroad without the entire ecosystem, comprising educational, R&D and service activities, as well as corporate partnerships. Furthermore, for countries outside the European Union, it is an additional advantage that testing can be conducted in accordance with the EU regulatory environment.

The diplomats also familiarized themselves with the infrastructure at Széchenyi István University’s ZalaZONE. (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

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