SZE’s International Students and Former Doctoral Student Deliver Video Message

It is crucial that girls everywhere have the opportunity to learn. This is emphasized by the current and former students of Széchenyi István University in a video created by the institution on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, in connection with the United Nations' fifth sustainable development goal, gender equality.

Széchenyi István University is committed to sustainability and considers the academic representation of the UN's sustainable development goals as a top priority. To this end, the institution, this year, provides a platform for women, including current and former students, to showcase their personal examples and dedication through panel discussions and videos related to UN observances, inspiring others.

As part of this series, the University created a video message in October related to the International Day of the Girl Child. In this video, Jessica Tetteh, a Ghanaian student attending BSc in Food Engineering, quotes a saying: 'If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.' 'I had the privilege to come here and study because my parents understood the meaning of women empowerment. In my hometown, women are not given this privilege to study,' she says, emphasizing that education is necessary for women to fulfill their dreams.

Rosalba Martinez Velasco, a Mexican student at the institution, talks about one of her most important motivations for applying for a Master's programme in Tourism Management: to become a real role model for her two daughters. 'My parents always told me that education is the best heritage a family can give to a girl,' she mentions, adding that she also wishes to pass down the acquisition of knowledge as such a legacy to her daughters. 'I hope that can participate actively in our society and I hope that maybe in a short future, this can make important decisions in order to see education for girls not as a privilege but as a right.' she emphasizes.

Dr Elza Saitova, who earned her doctoral degree at Széchenyi István University, expresses in the video that girls need support on institutional, organizational, family, and personal levels. 'My research on gender equality has shown that personal determination is the most important. So, if you truly believe that you want to be a scientist or a successful businesswoman, you have everything for it. Not every family can support you, not every government can support you but the only person who can support is yourself ' she underscores.

The video can be viewed via the following link:

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