SZE signs a strategic cooperation agreement with the Bonafarm Group

This agreement aims to advance the University's practice-oriented educational strategy and to develop a comprehensive service portfolio for the agricultural and food industries, as well as the competitive sector. Additionally, the establishment of a university knowledge centre that caters to both student and industry needs is a priority.

Széchenyi István University is committed to being a service-oriented, open institution that emphasizes industrial relations to foster regional development. Collaborations with economic actors support the university's practice-oriented training and its research and development activities.

The cooperation agreement with the Bonafarm Group enhances the existing partnership between the two entities. The Bonafarm Group includes major market players such as Agroprodukt Ltd., Bóly Ltd., Dalmand Ltd., Bonafarm Ltd., Bonafarm-Bábolna Takarmány Llc., Csányi Pincészet Ltd., Fiorács Llc., Hungerit Ltd., "MCS" Vágóhíd Ltd., Pick Szeged Ltd., and Sole-Mizo Ltd.

In addition to the University's Albert Kázmér Faculty in Mosonmagyaróvár, the faculties of engineering, information technology, and economics are also involved in this professional cooperation. The growing number of students and interdisciplinary research at the university further justify the expansion of this partnership.

Under the agreement, the Bonafarm Group will contribute to the high-quality education of bachelor’s and master’s students by providing practical venues and supporting scientific student groups, theses, and dissertations through joint supervision with the university. As part of student talent management, the Group also plans to introduce scholarships at the university. Bonafarm will support its employees in participating in the university's postgraduate courses across traditional agricultural and food industry programmes, as well as engineering and IT programs, and will promote these courses among its partners.

Looking ahead, the Bonafarm Group and Széchenyi István University plan to jointly conduct research, development, and innovation activities, and to create new products. They also aim to ensure a steady supply of professionals skilled in precision technologies and digital solutions, which are essential for companies to maintain sustainable profitability and continuous development

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