SZE staff hold Santa Claus celebration

Széchenyi István University is not just a workplace, but a community in which the family has a special place. That is why once again this year the institution’s trade union organised a Santa Claus party for the children and grandchildren of the staff.

On this December afternoon, the University Concert Hall was filled with bright-eyed children and emotional parents. Kata Németh-Farkas, Secretary of the university branch of the Higher Education Employees' Union said that these Santa Claus celebrations always give her a wonderful, heart-warming feeling. She and her colleagues have been preparing for weeks.

"Like the little elves, we opened the Santa Claus factory, hand-packing each child's surprise present. The first joy for us was the preparation and anticipation itself. But there is no greater joy than to see all those sparkling, excited eyes, rosy cheeks, emotional mums, dads and grandparents. The joyful play of the little ones. It is a year-long happiness bomb for us," said Mrs Németh-Farkas.

The Golden Gate Orchestra and Zsuzsi Töreky provided the festive atmosphere.jpgThe Golden Gate Orchestra and Zsuzsi Töreky provided the festive atmosphere. Photo: Csaba József Májer


A family-friendly workplace

"In December, we tend to say that this has been a difficult year, but it will get easier. However, this time I feel that especially for families with young children, it was really challenging to manage the past period. Now every time we can forget for a while, put our worries aside, is a special gift. Today, along with the little red packages, was one of those occasions. After years of isolation, we can get together. Today, only the good ones came, because everyone got a gift in their hands. For young and old. See you again next year," she added.

The institution not only supports its staff, but also helps its students to balance learning with raising children. It also organises intergenerational programmes, summer camps, runs a Mum and Baby Room and gives financial support to families. The University's efforts were recognised for the second time this summer with the Family Friendly Workplace award.

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