SZE starts development of its Health Technology Campus

Széchenyi István University attaches great importance to serving the development of the region and the country with internationally high-quality education, research and development activities and quality services. In this spirit, the institution will start the first phase of the construction of its Health Technology Campus in the summer.

The former hospital on Zrínyi utca is one of Győr's most important complexes. The property was formerly the site of the Petz Aladár University Teaching Hospital and was taken over by Széchenyi István University in November last year under the Property Benefit Act. The institution will create a Health Technology Campus on the 2.7-hectare property, consisting of 15 buildings, where education, research and development and services will be located in one place. In all this, it will work with outstanding partners such as Petz Aladár Hospital and Semmelweis University.

The first step of the investment will be the reconstruction of the two-storey, almost 700 square metre Q building. In addition, the clean-up of the surroundings will begin, while the buildings, which are in a poor state of repair and potentially a hazard risk, will be assessed and plans drawn up.

Health Tech campus.JPGThe renewed building will serve the people of Győr and its region (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

When renewing the Q building, Széchenyi István University will strive to preserve the historic environment, ensure accessibility for people with disabilities and use energy-saving technical solutions.

Once the plans are finalised, the public procurement procedure for the construction is scheduled to start in June. The reconstruction is expected to be completed by December.

As known, Széchenyi István University, considering it important to help those in need, offered and prepared its property on Zrínyi utca in March this year, in cooperation with the Municipality of Győr, to host families and children fleeing the war in Ukraine. In the future, the Győr municipality will accommodate the people who have been staying there elsewhere, as the complex will be a construction site.

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