SZE students help TSPC Group in largest healthcare development in Budapest

Széchenyi István University attaches great importance to practice-oriented training and close contact with economic stakeholders. A good example of both is the joint programme with TSPC Group, in which architecture students of the University participate in the development process of Szent János (St. John’s) Hospital in Budapest.

The North-Central Buda Centre, the New Szent János Hospital and the Clinic will be renovated on a site totalling 150,000 square metres, with the general planning tasks being undertaken by TSPC and its consortium partner, CÉH Zrt. Founded in Győr and currently with 160 employees in four cities, TSPC also assigned a special task to architecture students in the multi-year planning process.

"For several years now, together with Széchenyi István University, we have been running a student mentoring programme. The aim of this is that students, while working in our Dunakapu tér office in Győr, can gain real experience and try out several areas of architecture and engineering services," said Mihály Kádár, owner and managing director of TSPC. “Currently, five students are assisting us in the development process of Szent János Hospital in the field of architecture and structural design. I believe that the students’ fresh insights and bold questions will also advance the TSPC team: we are happy to work with them. ”

kep1 (1).jpgStudents from Győr gain practical experience at TSPC Group

Péter Bach, Head of the Department of Building Design at Széchenyi István University, said that they have signed cooperation agreements with several companies, via which students can complete their compulsory internship. One of the closest relationships is with TSPC Group. “Such partnerships are extremely beneficial on both sides. Students work on live projects where they experience that what they invent must be feasible both technically and financially. In the meantime, they will learn about the operation of an engineering office and gain insight into cooperating with industry designers and other architectural designers. At the same time, it can be useful for companies to be able to cultivate a fresh supply of architects in close cooperation with the University,” said Péter Bach.

kep2 (1).jpgCollaboration benefits both students and the company

The North-Central Buda Centre, the New Szent János Hospital and Clinic project is important in the lives of all participants, as its scale and complexity are unique in Hungary. During their work, students can become acquainted with, among other things, hospital technology, mechanical and energy system design, representation of quality architectural design, infrastructural development, as well as encountering issues around the reconstruction of protected buildings. Students of architecture and support structure work under the guidance of experienced designers on floor plans, structural solutions and site plan design. It is also vital to have an insight into the operation of a large project team, the importance of teamwork, and the cooperation of the different disciplines. During the three years of the mentoring program, almost twenty students have worked alongside TSPC specialists, five of whom have now become permanent employees of the engineering firm.

The modernization of the building complex of Szent János Hospital in Budapest has become necessary because the once “modern” buildings of the pavilion system, built in terraced form on a hillside, are in very poor condition. The customer's intention for a complete and uniform renovation is an important step for Hungarian healthcare. TSPC’s plan is for a modern, well-organized complex of buildings to serve patient care in the area, combining the architectural heritage of Szent János Hospital with the dignified conditions of modern medicine.

The hospital is the site of nearly one million doctor-patient encounters annually, providing care to the residents of 125 surrounding settlements in addition to the population of North and Central Buda. The development of the 50-building institution is a priority project of the government, and the citizens of Budapest have long been waiting for its complete renewal. On the 14-hectare area, the public utilities network will be completely renovated as a complex system, and the development of the transport, parking and ambulance system will also be a major task.

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