Széchenyi István University announces a photo competition for international students

photo contest_Rajztábla 1.jpgSzéchenyi István University has a growing international student community of nearly 800 young people, and the institution is offering them another opportunity to showcase their connection to the campus and the city. The University is launching a photo competition entitled "International Student Life in Győr" for non-Hungarian students who have active student status.

The student community at Széchenyi István University already includes young people from 65 countries, and the number of international students is close to 800. The institution offers 35 English-taught programmes and a number of events specifically designed for them. Their feedback suggests that they are attracted both by the opportunities offered by the University and by the beauty of Győr. In their free time, they enjoy organising activities in the city and discovering its sights as well as its built and natural environment.

This year, Széchenyi István University is inviting its international students and staff to participate in a photo competition, for which they are invited to submit photos of international students in Győr during the winter and summer seasons.

This year the University is launching two competitions, in the Winter Season and the Summer Season categories. The first prize will be 30,000 HUF, the second 20,000 HUF and the third 10,000 HUF.

The deadline for the Winter Season category is 28 February 2022, while the deadline for the Summer Season category is 30 September 2022.

Széchenyi István University welcomes applications by the following link:

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