Széchenyi István University Foundation’s Organization Expands Activities with Two Campuses

The Széchenyi István University Foundation is expanding its activities with two campuses in Zalaegerszeg and Budapest, where it is establishing scientific and research-development campuses. These campuses will not only house the newly structured innovation and business development holding and its affiliated companies but also welcome external businesses and partners. This will strengthen the effectiveness of collaborations, significantly increase the regional impact of the Széchenyi University Group, and contribute to the industrial utilization of scientific advancements.

With the support of the Hungarian government, as of 1 January of this year, the Széchenyi István University Foundation acquired ownership of the following companies*: Autóipari Próbapálya Zala Kft., ZalaZONE Ipari Park Zrt., HUMDA Magyar Mobilitás-fejlesztési Ügynökség Zrt. and TECHTRA Technológiai Transzfer Intézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt. 

"The university group, which has primarily operated with campuses in Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár, is expanding its activities with campuses in Zalaegerszeg and Budapest. These campuses will primarily focus on research and industrial product development in technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous devices, drones, deep-tech solutions, and dual-use technologies. The two units will also be involved in educational activities. All of these greatly contribute to the university's financing, strengthening its publication activities and professional success in the domestic and international higher education arena. The new campuses also provide an opportunity for the companies affiliated with the Széchenyi University Group to increase their efficiency, leveraging the synergies inherent in the collaboration and joint management of research and development enterprises located in the same place," emphasized Professor Dr László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation.

The developments in Zalaegerszeg, which have been ongoing for several years, include one of the world's most advanced proving grounds, next to ZalaZONE, which is unique in that it is suitable for both traditional vehicle dynamics tests and tests related to autonomous and electric vehicles. In the ZalaZONE Park, the University has already completed the incubation and accommodation building, totaling 1,200 square meters, while the 450-square-metre education building is currently under construction. The presence of companies related to state-of-the-art technologies, such as Rheinmetall, Bosch, or AVL, completes the ecosystem there.

For its Budapest campus, the group has chosen the Villányi Gardens office building as its location. In making this decision, special attention was given to the optimal location. Apart from market research considerations, it was also viewed as an advantage that there are numerous research and innovation partners as well as other universities in close proximity. Additionally, it was appreciated that corporate partners would have their own dedicated space within a private office building. 

The following companies** will rent offices in the facility: HUMDA Zrt., HUMDA Pro Kft., HUMDA Lab Nonprofit Kft., TECHTRA Technológiai Transzfer Intézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt., ZalaZONE InnoTech Innovációs és Technológiai Transzfer Központ Nonprofit Zrt., and Széchenyi Üzleti és Vagyonkezelő Holding Zrt. The company Talaris Interface Kft., specializing in interface development, will soon be located in the property of the latter company. Employees from various scientific fields will create an innovative, business-related ecosystem in one location, resulting in a broad regional impact and the industrial application of scientific advancements.

* Company names translated into English: Autóipari Próbapálya Zala Ltd., ZalaZONE Ipari Park Ltd., HUMDA Magyar Mobilitás-fejlesztési Ügynökség Ltd., and TECHTRA Technológiai Transzfer Intézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Ltd. These new assets will support the group's operations and make a significant contribution to the university's success in the short term.

** Company names translated into English: HUMDA LLC., HUMDA Pro Ltd., HUMDA Lab Non-profit Ltd., TECHTRA Technological Transfer Institute Public Benefit Nonprofit LLC., ZalaZONE InnoTech Innovation and Technological Transfer Centre Non-profit LLC and Széchenyi Business and Asset Management Holding LLC,  Talaris Interface Ltd.


The developments at ZalaZONE and the ongoing projects, as well as the Budapest Villányi Gardens, will serve the scientific and research activities of the Széchenyi University Group.

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