Széchenyi István University launches Hungarian film club for international students

International students of Széchenyi István University can watch one popular Hungarian film a month free of charge until June. The films not only provide them with pleasant entertainment and relaxation, but also bring them closer to an important segment of Hungarian culture.

The international student community at Széchenyi István University has been growing steadily in recent years. At present, young people from 65 countries are studying at the institution, and the number of students from abroad is close to 800. The University attaches great importance not only to providing them with a European-standard education and environment, but also to familiarising them with Hungarian culture. A new initiative is helping to achieve this.

"Films are an excellent way to turn this age group towards Hungarian culture. To this end, we have launched a film club this semester, which will screen films with English subtitles that are popular, with many of them now being classics," said Dr Emese Bukor, the series' initiator and coordinator and instructor of the Hungarian as a Foreign Language course for international  students. The works can be viewed free of charge thanks to the support of the University.

Kép137.jpgIconic shot from the film "The Boys of Paul Street"

The first screening in February was an immediate success, with the romantic adventure film “Kincsem”, which tells the story of the world-famous Hungarian horse. In March, film lovers can watch the film “The Sons of the Man with a Heart of Stone”, which takes us back to the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-49, and in April, the Hungarian-American co-production of “The Boys of Paul Street”, made in the late 1960s. In May, a romantic musical comedy, "Pappa pia", followed in June by "Sose halunk meg" (We never die). The latter is one of the most successful films in Hungarian cinema.

All students of Széchenyi István University will be informed about the exact dates. The venue on all occasions will be room G in Building E on the Győr campus.

Kép245.jpgScene from "The Sons of the Man with a Heart of Stone

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