In cooperation with American, Chinese, Portuguese, Indian and Italian universities, Széchenyi István University offers double degree courses. These students can develop in a truly international environment and, when they graduate, receive a degree from two institutions at the same time.

Széchenyi István University launched its first double degree programme with the University of Rhode Island in September 2020. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Economics, is offered online in English, and those who complete it will receive a degree not only from the University of Győr, but also from the University in the USA. The list has been extended from the current academic year: the Győr-based institution offers students a double degree in tourism management with the University of Leiria in Portugal and a double degree in civil engineering with Jiaxing University in China. As part of another development is that from September 2024, a four-semester double degree course in international economics and management will be launched with Integral University in India and the University of Cassino-Del Lazio in Italy.

"Our university aims to provide young people with up-to-date, high-quality knowledge. To achieve this, we also work closely with recognised universities abroad. The benefits of such partnerships are numerous: participants can develop their skills and abilities in a truly international environment, make new contacts and receive diplomas from both institutions. This form of training is extremely important in higher education, and it is no coincidence that it was one of the themes of the THE Campus Live UK&IE event in Liverpool, which was organised with the participation of our university" - said Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice President for International Affairs and Strategic Relations of Széchenyi István University, who is also the programme coordinator for the training programmes with the Indian and Italian universities. Students of the latter will spend two semesters at the partner institution, while those of the former and the one with the Portuguese university will spend one semester at the partner institution. Hungarian students can also apply for the English language courses of Széchenyi István University during the general admission procedure until 15 February 2024 through the system. If they are admitted to a double course, they can decide in September whether they wish to participate. Dr. Eszter Lukács pointed out that Hungarian students do not have to travel abroad: in this case, they will only receive a degree from Széchenyi University, but they will be able to develop in a more diverse international environment thanks to the international students who will be coming here.


Dr. Eszter Lukács, Vice President for International Affairs and Strategic Relations of Széchenyi István University, head coordinator of the International Economics and Business Administration courses launched with the Universities of India and Italy.

Dr. Éva Happ, coordinator of the dual course in tourism management with the University of Leiria, Portugal

Dr Emese Bukor, Programme Coordinator of the MBA programme with the University of Rhode Island, USA


Dr. János Szép, coordinator of the civil engineering course launched with Jiaxing University

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