Széchenyi István University student wins the national case study competition for international law

Eszter Orsolya Szabó, a fifth-year student of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Széchenyi István University, won the first place in the XII National Case Study Competition for International Law. The result also means that for the second year in a row, a law student from Győr has won the competition, which has a twelve-year history and is highly prestigious among Hungarian international lawyers.

Entering the case study competition is a major challenge for participants: as well as requiring a wide range of up-to-date professional skills, it is a year-long competition with two written and one oral round. "Last November, we were given a complex fictitious case covering several areas of international law, including international environmental law, diplomatic law, the legal personality of states and international organisations, which formed the basis of the competition. In March this year, the second round we had four hours to give our answers to  questions on space law, international criminal law, the UN and its Security Council, and the sanctioning possibilities of the UN," said Eszter Orsolya Szabó, looking back on the competition.

The student from Győr qualified for the oral finals in October, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, after successfully completing the written rounds. In the finals, the best students from all institutions teaching international law in Hungary had the opportunity to answer further questions on case law and public international law in front of a jury of international lawyers and law professors. In the end, the performance of Eszter Orsolya Szabó proved to be unsurpassable in this prestigious competition.

"I am very happy with my result and I would like to thank the Department of International Law and European Law of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Dr. Mónika Ganczer and Dr. Dalma Takó, and Dr. Gábor Sulyok and Dr. Gábor Kecskés for their support. My interest and love for international law was founded by them at the beginning of my university years," she said. She added that she did not want to move away from this field of law in the future. "I am currently doing my traineeship at Baker McKenzie's Budapest office and in the spring I spent my traineeship at bnt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft in Nuremberg on an Erasmus scholarship. These experiences have also contributed to my success in the competition," concluded the winning student.

The work of the Deák Ferenc Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Széchenyi István University and the quality of the education is praised by the fact that for the second year in a row, a law student from Győr won the prestigious competition.

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