Széchenyi University: aiming to improve scientific performance and technological excellence

The Győr-based Széchenyi István University, which is also present in Mosonmagyaróvár, Zalaegerszeg and Budapest, has become a leading knowledge centre in Hungary in recent years, excelling in technological fields. Its student community of almost 14,000 students, made up of young people from around seventy countries, provides up-to-date knowledge and a valuable qualification for the labour market. Its quality is reflected in the fact that in the latest world rankings it is ranked between 801st and 1000th by QS, which is one of the two largest global higher education rating organisation, and among the top 300 universities in the world in the Times Higher Education sustainability goals ranking for "sustainable cities and communities".

The further academic development is strengthened by the fact that Dr. László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation, has appointed Dr. Ferenc Friedler as Rector and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University from 1 February to 31 December 2023. The Széchenyi Prize-winning researcher in mathematical modelling and optimisation and their applications in engineering has very close ties with the institution, as he has been a professor at the University's Centre for Automotive Research for several years and since last year he has also been the President of the University's Scientific Council.

Széchenyi University aiming to improve scientific performance and technological excellence
Dr. Bálint Filep, President of Széchenyi István University, Dr. Ferenc Friedler, Rector/Vice President for Academic Research of the University and Dr. László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation (Photo: Csaba József Májer)

Széchenyi István University also intends to strengthen its research and innovation activities. To this end, Professor Dr. József Bokor, Academician and President of the Centre for Automotive Research, will in future act as Vice President for Research and Innovation. In this position, he will support the professional work of the competence centres of the institution and will also act as the scientific director of the holding organisation of the Széchenyi István University Foundation. The aim is to develop the research and innovation areas of the University and its related holdings in a coordinated way, following the examples of the best international universities.

"Széchenyi István University has performed outstandingly well in the past period. In addition to the spectacular infrastructural developments, the laboratory and technological background has also reached international standards. The dynamic development of our institution is demonstrated by the significant increase in the number of Hungarian and English-language courses, domestic and international students and partnerships in recent years. As Rector and Vice President for Science, I would like to do my utmost to help the University's scientific performance catch up with other areas by strengthening its global visibility, building research networks with the world's leading universities, enhancing the scientific performance of colleagues, supporting young staff and, of course, through the school-building activities of doctoral training." - said Dr Ferenc Friedler, acting rector.

"Széchenyi István University is competing on the international stage, and it is precisely the knowledge, vision and innovative solutions that it seeks to bring to the region. To this end, together with Dr. Bálint Filep, the President of the University, we would like to strengthen the scientific and research-innovation areas, while promoting the implementation of the institution's excellent strategy until 2030. I am delighted that, at his suggestion, the University's leadership will be strengthened by the appointment of two internationally renowned professors. Professor Ferenc Friedler will bring the University's scientific activities to an even higher level and will aim to promote the next generation of scientists, while József Bokor, an academic and professor, will make a major contribution to the technological development of the Centre for Automotive Research, following the good example of the other research and innovation priorities of our institution. This is also necessary to ensure that our university is ranked as highly as possible in the world rankings of higher education", said Dr László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Széchenyi István University Foundation.

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