Széchenyi University's Hungarian and international students celebrate at Győr Christmas Market

The Christmas period is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Győr, which also provides an excellent opportunity for Széchenyi István University students to relax at the beginning of the exam period. The festive atmosphere is a special attraction for students who are experiencing the lights of the city centre and the Christmas market for the first time, as well as for those who have already experienced the festivities, whether they come from Somogy or Mexico.

Eszter Dóczi, a freshman scholarship holder from Kaposvár, is spending her first year at Széchenyi István University, so the big Christmas market and festive decorations of Győr were a novelty for her. For the student of Business and Management, Christmas is important and she spends it every year with her family and friends.

"Now that I'm at university, I don't get to see my loved ones as often, so I want to spend as much time with them as possible during the end-of-year holidays," said the student, who also revealed that playing board games is one of the family activities at Christmas and that she has been attending mass with her parents since she was a little girl. The arrival at the university added another element to her festive programme. "The city is beautifully lit up, and when I have time, my friends and I like to visit the Christmas market to eat horn cakes or just go for a walk," she added, who believes that Christmas has a special message that should not be overlooked.

"For me, Christmas is about love; it is a time when we should value and appreciate everything round us. We try to surprise each other with presents, spend as much time as possible with our families, and for me that is the most important thing," she concluded.


Eszter Dóczi likes to visit the decorated city centre of Győr  (Photo: András Adorján)

Diana Nuñez, a Mexican stipendium hungaricum scholarship student from Széchenyi University, also experienced the Christmas atmosphere of Győr for the first time. The young supply chain management student arrived in September and was not familiar with Santa Claus and the Christmas market, as her home country has different traditions.

"The Christmas market is simply amazing! The lights are great, and there are lots of activities for visitors. I can also taste a lot of traditional food at the huts and get to know Hungarian flavours and customs even better," said Diana, who also found the mulled wine a real curiosity and enjoyed a glass with her friends while walking around the town.

For the young Central American students, these moments mean a lot, as this Christmas will be different for her than the previous ones. "I will be in Hungary for the holidays, without my family. I have just realised that the most important thing is the time spent with loved ones, the magic of the moments we share together," she said.

Diana Nuñez from Mexico saw her first Christmas market in Győr (Photo: András Adorján)

Míra Szladik is a Master of Human Resources, Labour and Social Administration student at Széchenyi University, in her second year in Győr. The student, from Nyergesújfalu in Komárom-Esztergom County, has already experienced the diversity of Győr's Advent, but is once again amazed by the programmes and lights. She is particularly interested in the concerts, as for her Christmas and music have become closely intertwined over the years.

"I come from a family of musicians and every Christmas we perform at various venues, from school programmes to village Christmases," she said. For her, too, quality time with her family is the most important thing at this time of year. "We usually celebrate with a close-knit family, where we can enjoy each other's company in a relaxed atmosphere. The best thing is that everyone can switch off for a while in a world of non-stop work and hustle and bustle. It's a chance to really listen to each other and, of course, to reminisce about old happy memories," she said.She added that the city centre of Győr, close to the university, has something for all ages. She highlighted candle-lighting ceremony on Sundays, which makes the atmosphere even more magical. After the hustle and bustle, Christmas, is the quiet time with family that makes the season complete for her.

Míra Szladik in the Christmas photo corner of the University Library and Archives, which was open to students and visitors again this year (Photo: András Adorján)

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