Tempus Foundation’s International Coordinators’ Meeting

Each year, the Tempus Public Foundation organizes a professional consultative meeting for the international affairs staff of Hungarian higher education institutions, where the focus is on current events, challenges, good practice and diverse aspects of the internationalization process of HEIs. This year from 14-16 November the University of Debrecen was host to the meeting with around 250 participants attending the event, including a team from Széchenyi István University’s Centre of International Programmes. This was the fifteenth occasion on which the meeting has been held. The central theme this year was the internationalization of institutions, that is student and teacher mobility, the reception of foreign scholarship holders and international cooperation between universities. Via lectures, workshops and interactive sessions, participants had the opportunity to become better informed about current issues surrounding all these topics.

In his address to participants, Director of the Tempus Public Foundation, Mr Péter Tordai,  commented on the fact that for more than 20 years now the Foundation has been co-ordinating the implementation of scholarship programmes that directly or indirectly support the internationalization of Hungarian higher education. These include Erasmus +, Campus Mundi, or Stipendium Hungaricum, which contribute to the competitiveness of Hungarian universities and colleges on the international stage.

Moreover, we are proud that a staff member from The Centre of International Programmes at SZE, Márta Mészáros, has been awarded a certificate of merit for her outstanding contribution to the successful performance of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme at our institution. Márta was presented with the certificate during a Gala Dinner at this year’s three-day workshop for academic programme coordinators in Debrecen. 


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