The National Gaming Expo was held at the Széchenyi István University with great attendance

The Széchenyi István University hosted the twelfth leg of the National Gaming Expo (OGEX) in Győr, where everyone from primary school students to university students could enjoy a colourful programme. The event was well attended, with educational presentations, quizzes, simulators, retro PC games, board games and a wide range of computer games.

Following last year's highly successful tour of the country, OGEX will visit all counties again this year, this time from September to the end of November. The programme was hosted by Széchenyi István University in Győr on 12 October.

"The main goal of our event is to bring and promote the message of gaming and e-sports across the country, accompanied by educational content. In addition to the benefits of computer games, we believe it is also important to raise awareness of the potential dangers: young people were able to attend preventive lectures on both gaming addiction and cyberbullying."

- underlined Gergely Csanda, Operations Director OGEX.            

Gergely Csanda, Operations Director of OGEX, considers the Győr leg of the gamer roadshow a great success (Photo: András Adorján)

At the expo, visitors were able to try their hand at various activities: at the BARD platform, gamers could test their reflexes and sensorimotor skills, at the retro-PC stand, the younger generation could get to know the favourites of the "prehistoric era" of gaming, they could jump into car simulators and play for prizes.

"Our Győr event is also special because the e-sport department of the Széchenyi István University Sports Association was also represented with an outstanding presence. We are particularly pleased that the university welcomed our event very openly, and as a result of the excellent cooperation we were able to pass on the message of OGEX to many people in the city."

- said the chief organiser.

The event in Győr attracted a nationally significant interest: hundreds of primary school students visited the expo, in addition to students from Széchenyi University. There was a wide range of stands for all ages, with a variety of activities from board games to virtual reality and cosplay. They could also meet Captain Jack Sparrow: cosplayer Adam Slemmer dressed up as the world-famous pirate and came to the event so that fans could take photos with him.

Jack Sparrow was also at OGEX: cosplayer Ádám Slemmer and his team will soon present a Pirates of the Caribbean fan film to the audience (Photo: András Adorján)

Dominik Horváth, a student of business informatics at the university, also visited the expo.

"I've always been interested in IT as part of my studies, which is why I came to OGEX. I grew up on Nintendo and Super Mario, and I have many fond memories of these games, so it's a great pleasure to see them again here. Besides the classics, I'm most interested in FIFA and simulators. I've never tried a simulator before, and now it's finally time to try one." he said

Dominik Horváth, a student of SzE, visited the expo mainly because of FIFA and retro games (Photo: András Adorján)

Automotive engineering students Martin Bakos and Kende Tóth were attracted to simulators referring to them as "occupational hazard"  (Photo: András Adorján)

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