The services of Széchenyi University Library was used more than 200 thousand times last year

The University Library and Archives of Széchenyi István University, which turns 50 this year, is constantly developing and expanding its services. In line with the University's strategic goals, it supports academic research and international achievements, and creates a community space for university citizens. As a result, the number of database users doubled in 2023 and the number of participants in the publication support programme increased tenfold in two years.


The aim of the Széchenyi István University Library and Archives is to serve the citizens of the University through its diverse activities. In addition to classical library services, it also provides research support for students, teachers and researchers. "To this end, we provide training in English and Hungarian in scientific student coaching, research methodology, library and database use, which are essential for effective research. Our experience shows that demand for these services is growing, and it is supported by data. Our scientific database usage has doubled compared to previous years, with nearly 600,000 downloads." – stressed Csilla Tóth, Director of the University Library and Archives. It is also telling that in 2023, the library's services were used more than 200,000 times, a new record.

7f5c56_3f1d1bddfa2449d1a06005845617813d~mv2.webpThe colleagues of the library, which is 50 years old this year, strive to support all university citizens through their work.(Photo: András Adorján)


As part of the "Researcher's Assistant" service package, they provide a "SakdogaPara" service to help students write their thesis in the final stages of their training, as well as lectures, article publication fees and free publication administration to support the publication activities of teachers, researchers and doctoral students. They also provide scientific metrics and publication advice. This has also helped to increase the number of participants in publication support schemes tenfold in two years.

Széchenyi István University also attaches importance to the creation of patents and an innovative entrepreneurial culture. In the PatLib office of the library, visitors can get advice on intellectual property and industrial property protection. Citizens of the University can also contact the library with requests for company research and analysis, where staff can help with a variety of projects through the "Company Point For You" service.

The University Library and Archives has been open to students since February, with extended opening hours until 7 p.m. (Photo: András Adorján)


In addition to supporting teaching and research, the library contributes to a vibrant student life with a wide range of events. Uniquely, the library has its own recreation room and board games club, which from this year is also available in English. The library staff also contribute to the international visibility of Széchenyi István University by providing data for various international rankings. As a joint success of the university, it has already been ranked highly in six international rankings. "We will continue our quality work in the future. In the area of internationalisation, we will also be supporting the integration of foreign students with English-language information days throughout the year, and our aim is to provide all our services in English as well as Hungarian." - Csilla Tóth added.

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