The spectacular stage of the WHB Győr Rally on the SZE campus attracted thousands of visitors

The first WHB Győr Rally was a huge success, with Széchenyi István University as an important venue. Thousands of visitors came to the high-speed stage, which took place mainly on the campus of Győr, and were treated to a spectacular race and special programmes. The winners of this race became the Hungarian champions, and the pair was also awarded a special prize by the university for winning the stage.

The Arrabona Rally Club, founded by the sport lovers of Győr, TRP Hungary and Mitko Hungary, together made an old dream come true between 8-10 September, when Hungarian rallying returned to Győr. And in more ways than one, as the competitors were greeted by special venues and thousands of enthusiastic fans. One of the most memorable venues of the WHB Győr Rally was undoubtedly the downtown speed stage, which took place partly on the campus of the Széchenyi István University, to huge interest.


The campus of Széchenyi István University was a spectacular venue for the first WHB Győr Rally (Photo: Máté Dudás)


The university offered visitors a range of exciting family activities. Young and old alike were able to meet student teams, including the multiple world record-holding electric car developer SZEnergy Team and the European-leading Arrabona Racing Team, which competes in the Formula Student series.

Visitors were also able to test an electric go-kart, the powertrain of which was developed by the Automotive Industry Research Centre of Széchenyi István University (Photo: András Adorján)


Thanks to the e-sport department of Széchenyi István University, they had the opportunity to use simulators, the go-karting department offered go-karting, and they could also see the speed bike of Bálint Kovács, a student of the University and member of the Hungarian Motorsport Academy, who participated in the World Endurance Motorcycle Championship.

Many people followed the race on the spot (Photo: András Adorján)


Dr. Ferenc Szauter, Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research of the institution, said at the press conference prior to the competition that the event is also a great opportunity for Széchenyi István University to give a glimpse of its innovative developments. In addition to entertainment, the university's Automotive Industry Research Centre and Digital Development Centre also provided career guidance for young people interested in cutting-edge technologies. Quatic Technologies Ltd, a spin-off company of the university, was introduced, offering products for the drive, measurement and analysis of electric motors.

Prof. Dr. József Bokor, Vice President for Research and Innovation of Széchenyi István University congratulated Ferenc Vincze, the best in the downtown speed stage (Photo: Máté Dudás)


On the campus of Széchenyi István University, thousands of people followed the downtown speed stage of the rally, which was won by the duo of Ferenc Vincze and Nándor Percze. The prize for the winner of the race was presented by Prof. Dr. József Bokor, Vice President of the University for Research and Innovation, and Dr. Ferenc Szauter. The winning pair also won the Hungarian championship title.

The winning pair of WHB Győr Rally: Viktor Bán and Miklós Csomós (Photo: Máté Dudás)


The winners of the first WHB Győr Rally were Miklós Csomós and Viktor Bán, who were the fastest in ten of the eleven speed stages and triumphed by almost a minute. The Vincze-Percze duo took second place on the podium, while Ádám Velenczei and Zsolt Vánsza came third.

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