The team of SZE has the Hungarian University-College National Ice Hockey Championship

Széchenyi István University participated with two teams in this year's Hungarian University and College National Championship (MEFOB) ice hockey tournament. After winning the silver medal last year, the students from Győr won the final this year and were able to stand on the top step of the podium.

Thirteen teams participated in the 3x3 ice hockey MEFOB at the Óbuda Ice Hall on 23 March. The first team of Széchenyi University reached the semi-finals by defeating Óbuda University and then Semmelweis University, while the second team - although they played a brilliant game - did not advance from the group.

In the semi-final, Győr met Budapest Business University (BGE), and easily won with a great game. They showed the a high spirit in the final as well, where they won by more than ten goals against the University of Physical Education, also taking revenge for the defeat of the Győr-based second team. At the results ceremony, Zoltán Kovács, the vice-president of the Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation, presented the players with the gold medal.

hockey.jpgThe MEFOB-winning ice hockey team of Széchenyi István University (Photo: Hungarian Ice Hockey Federation)


The team of Széchenyi University was built on the roster of UNI GYŐR ETO HC, with the addition of students from lower divisions. The strength of Győr's hockey is shown by the presence of familiar faces in the other teams: László Horváth, who grew up in Győr, plays for Semmelweis University, Jábor Bendegúz for BGE and Ádám Kiss for Budapest University of Technology and Economics, who are also part of the Győr team in the Hungarian second division (Andersen League) and the EUHL championship.

Members of the Széchenyi István University team number one: Botond Fekete, Balázs Vojnits, Mátyás Odnoga, Balázs Takács, Barnabás Majoross, Bence Makovics, Benedek Madácsi.

Team number two consists of: Levente Geosits, Géza Wührl, János Máté Szűcs, Nándor Róth, István Tamás Farkas, Sebestyén Csata, Dániel Csölle.

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