Tongji University

Tongji University originated as a German Medical School established in 1907.  Over a century later, it has become one of the top universities in China forming a strong cooperation with many multinational organizations including UNEP, UN-Habitat and UNESCO and many others. Tongji has valued the balanced development of four main functions: Education, Research, Outreach, and Building on Cultural Inheritance.

The Master Programme in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development is offered by Tongji and sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China (MOFCOM). This degree program is designed to foster high-end business officials and managerial personnel for the recipient countries. It offers a two-year master program for the purpose of educating high-end and inter-disciplinary experts working in the applied fields of government, trade, foreign affairs, agriculture, technology, education, culture and health. The program aims to build intellectual capacity and facilitate the economic and social development of the recipient countries.

UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD) was jointly established by Tongji University and UNEP in 2002. Since then, the institute has enrolled 464 students from 83 countries into the degree program. The Environment discipline of Tongji University ranks A+ among the 155 universities in China according to the recent evaluation by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


The Master Programme:

  • lLanguage: English
  • lDuration: 2 years, from Sept. 2019 to Jul. 2021; (1 year for courses and 1 year for research)


Scholarship Coverage:

  • lTuition waiver;
  • lOne-off resettlement fee: 3000RMB;
  • lOn-campus accommodation;
  • lStipend: 3000RMB per month;
  • lMedical insurance in China
  • lTwo round-trips international airfare


Career Prospects:

IESD alumni are currently active in international organizations such as, the World Bank, UNDP, ESCAP; national government agencies such as the Chinese Ministry of Ecology Environment, the Turkish Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Zambia, Egypt Ministry of Agriculture, Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ministry of Environment of Romania, Ministry of Economy and Trade of Indonesia, Ministry of Agriculture of Zimbabwe, Ministry of Energy of Liberia, Ministry of Environment of Ethiopia; NGOs such as WWF; academic institutions such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Wisconsin, University of Missouri; corporate departments such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bank of China, Michelin tires; and many other industries .

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