Topping out ceremony at ZalaZONE: another milestone in the developments of SZE

In parallel with the developments of one of the most modern automatic test tracks in the world, the ZalaZONE Park of the Széchenyi István University marked another milestone with hosting the topping out ceremony of the building of lecture halls in the science and innovation park. The investment is being funded by a HUF 543.3 million non-reimbursable grant from the European Union’s Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme, and is going to further improve the institution's position in the field of training.

The Széchenyi István University of Győr aims at contributing to the competitiveness of the region by creating an educational and research environment of high-quality recognised internationally. Owned by the Foundation for Széchenyi István University, ZalaZONE Park - giving home for the development of the science and innovation park - enhances this competitiveness. The building of the lecture halls currently under construction, along with the incubation centre and the accommodation building inaugurated last year are a part of this development. The former, a three-storey facility of around 500 square metres of a useful floor area, had its topping out ceremony on 4 May, 2023 having the contractors reached the highest point of the building.


Prof. dr Ferenc Friedler, Rector and Vice President for Science of the Széchenyi István University, Zoltán Balaicz, the Mayor of Zalaegerszeg, dr András Háry, CEO of ZalaZONE Industrial Park Zrt., Prof. dr. László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Széchenyi István University, László Vigh, a Member of the Parliament, dr Bálint Filep, the President of Széchenyi István University, Tamás Kolossváry, the Head of the Innovation and Training Centre of Széchenyi István University in Zalaegerszeg, and dr Zsolt Kovács, Vice President of General and Academic Affairs at Széchenyi István University with the bouquet. (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

At the event, Prof. dr Ferenc Friedler, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Rector of the University, explained that the institution has recently created a management model that enables it to be competitive in both the domestic and international higher education milieu.

"Our Science and Innovation Park, established and continuously developed on the site of ZalaZONE, is an emblematic place to achieve our goals. Here, a complex representation of all that is reflected in the new management structure can be found in one place. The incubation centre, together with the accommodation building, strengthens our research and development and innovation activities, moreover, it helps us develop close partnerships with national and international companies and work together on real industrial projects. Providing help in fostering talent, these facilities represent one of the cornerstones that assists our student teams to secure their position among the world's elite. The new building of the lecture halls will open up new opportunities to develop our trainings by taking advantage of the physical proximity of one of the world's most advanced automotive test tracks during the courses offering micro-certificates, bachelor's and master's degrees,"

emphasized Professor dr Ferenc Friedler.


The bouquet is at the highest point of the building of lecture theatres of the Széchenyi István University, at about ten metres high. (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

Prof. dr László Palkovics, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Széchenyi István University, underlined that:

since the Széchenyi István University has significant educational and research and development activities in Mosonmagyaróvár and Zalaegerszeg, these days it represents not only Győr, but the western part of Hungary as well.

He also stated that having given ZalaZONE Park to the Foundation, the Hungarian government primarily intended that it aids the university to achieve its goals and strengthen the cooperation between the institution and the companies.

In his speech, László Vigh, Member of Parliament of Zalaegerszeg, said that the automotive industry is developing very dynamically, and ZalaZONE is an increasingly important venue for this development in Hungary. He noted that this is the place where everything is given for high-quality research and development

Zoltán Balaicz, the mayor of Zalaegerszeg, pointed out that the ZalaZONE Park brings together production and the professional background needed for development in the field of research and development, innovation and education.

"The Széchenyi University has shown how to join an economic ecosystem, a research, development and innovation programme, in a way that not only assists the operation of the companies locally, but also benefits a city and a whole community,”

he stated. The Mayor also emphasised that the long-lasting relationship they have with the Széchenyi István University has always been excellent.


Zoltán Balaicz, Mayor of Zalaegerszeg (Photo: József Csaba Májer)

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