True friendship is a valuable gift – SZE’s international students send a video message

Members of the international student community at Széchenyi István University are grateful not only for the quality education they receive but also for the friendships they make here, according to a video message created by the institution on the occasion of the International Day of Friendship, related to the United Nations' fifth sustainable development goal, gender equality.

As a higher education institution featured in global rankings and exerting a significant impact on its region, Széchenyi István University is committed to sustainability and aims to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations' sustainable development goals. One of these goals focuses on creating gender equality, in support of which the University provides opportunities for women to introduce themselves every month during a series of panel discussions titled Women in Family, Society, and Science at the Budapest Innovation and Training Centre as well as in video messages on three occasions. These discussions and messages feature women, including alumnae from the University, who serve as inspiration to others through their personal experiences and dedication.

As part of this series, in July the institution created a video message related to the International Day of Friendship, highlighting how friendships between nations, countries, cultures, and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. The video features seven former and current students who talk about the close human connections they owe to their time spent at Széchenyi István University.

Syrian student Sally Butros, who recently completed her Master's degree in Automotive Engineering, says in the video, "During my studies here, I made many friends from Hungary, Lebanon, Ukraine, Jordan, India, and many other countries." She adds that this allowed her to learn about different cultures and fostered a more open-minded perspective.

Ghanaian Esther Amofa-Adade, a doctoral student, expresses her gratitude for her friendship with Azerbaijani student Roxana, which led to numerous successes in their studies together.

"True friendship is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted. Start with yourself and strive to be a reliable person that you would like to have in your life," emphasizes Amira Hammami, a Tunisian doctoral student in Civil Engineering, as she thinks of her three friends who make her “journey” at Széchenyi István University special.

Suzune Kawamoto from Japan, who graduated in International Relations, highlights her Vietnamese friend Nhung as one of her best friends, and she is extremely grateful for meeting her at the University. "My message is you should try to make many international friends and learn languages to have even more friends," she emphasizes.

Syrian Dema Ahmad and Jordanian Marianne Goussous, who are both featured in the video, share how they motivate and support each other. Dema is a doctoral student, while Marianne completed her PhD studies in June. "We must always remember that small acts of friendship can have a profound impact on someone's life. A smile, a kind word, or a helping hand can bring significant change to our world," says Marianne.

A great example of how lasting connections can be formed at the University is Mutum Lamnganbi, an Indian PhD student at the Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Plant, Animal and Food Sciences in Mosonmagyaróvár. From the beginning, Mutum formed a close friendship with two fellow students, Emirjona and Eza. "Even though we are for now in different countries, we are still close and share everything with each other. I believe this will be a long lasting connection."

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