Ukrainian student of Széchenyi István University volunteers at a children's home

Makszim Dmitrovich Krat Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship student from Ukraine has been dedicated to get admitted to Széchenyi István University, and has taken advantage of the institution's free language courses to learn English and continue his studies here. The young man, who came to Hungary with his family to escape the war, quickly grew to love Győr, where he found a home with his loved ones.

Maksim, 19, started his second semester of a bachelor's degree in logistics engineering in February. The youngster has been living in Győr since 2022, where he had a clear goal to start his higher education. He started learning English in the city with the help of the Győr Evangelical Parish, which financed his lessons at a local language school, and then took advantage of free language courses at Széchenyi István University. In a year and a half, he has made tremendous progress in his English language skills, and last year he was admitted to the institution with a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship.

Outside the university, the Ukrainian youngster is extremely grateful to the members of his parish who helped him in difficult moments and supported him in his progress to achieve his goal. On his way to this point, he also owes a lot to his two Hungarian friends who have always stood by him. 


"I first started learning Hungarian, but I found it very difficult, while English was much easier, so I chose English. I put in a lot of work to get here, but now all that matters is that I am a student at the university," stressed Maksim, who added that he wants to prove himself during his studies. He is also happy to study in the city because it allows him to stay with his family and continue to help each other. "Being close to my family means a lot in my everyday life, and winning the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship gives me motivation for the future, as it shows that anything can be achieved with hard work," he said.

The first-year student has settled in well to life in Győr and the university. He was welcomed by people everywhere and made new friends easily. He has a very good relationship with his classmates and met his Belarusian girlfriend at the university.



Maksim Dmitrovich Krat in front of the Győr City Hall: the young Ukrainian feels at home in the city and at the university (Photo: András Adorján)


Győr's picturesque city centre offers a wide range of activities to recharge your batteries and encourage you to walk among the historic buildings. Makszim is no exception, and from the first day he was eager to explore the charming streets. One of his favourite places is the Tower of the Bishop's Castle and the Bishop's Forest behind the university, but he also likes to visit neighbouring countries, taking advantage of the city's excellent location.

The young person also volunteers at a children's home, contributing to the development of the residents and bringing joy to their daily lives. One of his most memorable experiences in Győr was also there, at a ceremony. "Our aim with this programme is to help the children living in the home. We introduce them to our country and encourage them to do their best to access and seize opportunities that can be a break out of their situation," he concluded.

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