Visit of Delegation from Marymount Catholic University to Széchenyi István University

Széchenyi István University played host to a delegation from Marymount Catholic University, Arlington, Virginia from 29 September to 1 October 2019. The members of the delegation were Dr Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University, Dr Stephanie Ellis Foster, Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Marymount University, Mr Stefan J. Fedor, Member of the Board of Trustees of Marymount University and Ms Erika Fedor, Member of the Board of American Hungarian Heritage House. The delegation were accommodated at the University’s partner Famulus Business Hotel.

Following their arrival on Sunday, 29 September, the members of the delegation were invited to dinner at the Pódium Restaurant in the Famulus Hotel. Representing Széchenyi István University to welcome the visitors and host the dinner were Dr Péter Földesi, Rector, Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Dr László Imre Komlósi, Rector’s Envoy for International Cooperation, Dr Márta Konczos-Szombathelyi, Vice-Dean for International Affairs, Faculty of Business and Economics and Dr Zoltán Horváth.

On 30 September, in the morning, accompanied by Dr Eszter Lukács and Dr László Imre Komlósi, the Marymount delegation visited the Audi Hungaria plant in Győr and were welcomed by Ms Katalin Németh, Head of Educational and Scientific Cooperation. The visit was followed by lunch at the Sieger Restaurant, where the party was joined by Dr Tibor Dőry, Director of the SZE Management Campus.


In the afternoon, the Marymount visitors met with Dr Dávid Fekete, Deputy Mayor of Győr. Taking part in discussions on behalf of the University were Dr László Imre Komlósi, Dr Márta Konczos-Szombathelyi and Dr Éva Happ.

Following the meeting with the Deputy Mayor, the Marymount delegation, accompanied by the representatives of Széchenyi István University, held a meeting with Dr András Veres, Bishop of the Diocese of Győr.



Subsequently, the delegation, joined by Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, departed for Pannonhalma. Fr Albin Juhász-Laczik, Head of Pannonhalma Benedic tine high School, conducted the Marymount Delegation on a tour of the Archabbey of Pannonhalma, which was followed by a meeting with the Archabbot of Pannonhalma, Prior Cirill Tamás Hortobágyi, O.S.B.


On Tuesday, 1 October, the Marymount Delegation attended the Criminal Justice Workshop held in the Hall of the Senate. Dr Péter Földesi, Rector, opened the conference with Dr Eszter Lukács, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, acting as moderator. In the first section of the workshop, the keynote speech was delivered by Dr Katalin Szili, Prime Minister’s Envoy, on the topic of the diaspora politics of the Hungarian Government.



Subsequently, Dr Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University, gave a presentation titled Momentum. Marymount’s Strategic Plan 2019-2024. This was followed by the presentation of Dr Stephanie Ellis Foster, Chair of Criminal Justice Department, Marymount University, the title of which was Shifting from Tough on Crime to Smart on Crime: A Look Forward To Criminal Justice Reform in the United States.


Dr Miklós Lévay, Department of Criminal Sciences, Professor, Széchenyi István University and former judge of the Constitutional Court of Hungary, was the subsequent speaker. The title of his presentation was Introduction to the Hungarian Criminal Justice System.

In the second section of the Conference, the first guest presenter was Dr István Farkas, Police Brigadier General, Director of The International Training Centre and Dr József Haller, Deputy Head of the Department of Criminal Psychology, Professor, National University of Public Service, whose joint presentation was entitled Mental-Tactical Training – Experiences and Research. Following this was Dr Judit Nagy Police Colonel, Professor, National University of Public Service who spoke on the topic of Training and Forensic Sciences at NUPS. Then Ms Andrea Tóbiás Száraz, Spokesperson, Metropolitan Municipal Directorate of Law Enforcement gave a presentation on the theme of The role of municipal policing in the public security of Budapest.


The final guest speaker was Dr Zsolt Pádár, forensic geneticist senior research fellow, Széchenyi István University, whose presentation was entitled New Challenges in Forensic Genetics – Forensic Genetics in Wildlife Forensics and Forensic Infocommunications.

The workshop was followed by lunch in the Sieger restaurant for the Marymount delegates and the Hungarian guests of honour and guest speakers.

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