VISTA – Exploring Future Skills

4th Industrial Revolution. Innovation. Digitalisation. Globalisation. We are experiencing never seen dynamics and fast-paced changes in our life. The way we work is transforming, and new opportunities arise, but how to get prepared for the unforeseeable future and its challenges? What are the main trends and what can we predict and learn from them? Do you know how to turn the vast amount of knowledge gained while in academia into an opportunity?

The program is designed to reflect on the current changes and to provide practical advice and insights into various sectors from established thought leaders and professionals. Topics will include the impact of digitisation and mapping "future skills" essential to develop a successful career. Our mission is to bring together practitioners and students to exchange ideas and to inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow.

VISTA is launched in collaboration with the New Generation Centre project and as a side event of the Young Leaders’ Forum 2019.

The event is public, but registration is needed.

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SECTION I. In the midst of changing paradigms - Overview

2pm – 3.30pm

Reflecting on the changes triggered by the 4th industrial revolution including the fast-paced digitisation and current paradigm-shifts particularly concerning higher education and entering the labour market. Topics will include the impact of digitisation and mapping "future skills" essential to develop a successful career.

3:30pm - 3:45pm Coffee Break

SECTION II. The Entrepreneurial mindset – Skills you won’t learn in school

3:45pm – 5:15pm

Understanding and developing an entrepreneurial mindset can be beneficial in building a career. The section will explore the following questions: How to validate your idea? How to turn research into a venture? How to build a portfolio career? How to approach other sectors? How to network?

5:15pm – 6:00pm Networking



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