Thousands of students interested in SZE’s courses on Open Day

More than 4,700 students attended the Open Day event of Széchenyi István University, where they could get information about the educational programmes offered by the faculties and the changed scoring system. Campus tours, laboratory visits, briefings and student teams gave visitors a glimpse of life at the university. A video of the event is available HERE

“Open Day” at Széchenyi István University is the biggest pre-admission event of the year, where students can get answers to all their questions, from admission requirements to scholarships and even student entertainment possibilities.

The institution recently introduced its educational programmes to a large audience at the Educatio Expo in Budapest, and the open day held on the Győr campus on 16 January was attended by thousands of people.

nyttkpk.webpMany young people came to the Open Day of Széchenyi István University again this year (Photo: András Adorján)


Speaking at the event, Dr Zsolt Kovács, Vice President for General and Education Affairs, said that the institution offers practice-oriented training, knowledge in demand on the labour market and a valuable diploma.

He added that when developing an application strategy, in addition to academic achievement and competences, it is natural that financial opportunities are also a consideration. 

"Széchenyi István University has about three thousand places in the Halls of Residence, and it also offers a number of scholarships to help students concentrate on their studies. Even as first-year students, can receive significant support through the Freshman Scholarship," he said.

Dr. Zsolt Kovács, Vice President for General and Educational Affairs of Széchenyi István University, informed the participants about the most important tasks and opportunities for applicants.(Photo: András Adorján)


At the Open Day, students were also introduced to the international programmes available at Széchenyi University (Photo: András Adorján)


At the Open Day, visitors were able to get information about the institution's academic programmes in Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and Budapest, as well as about the Innovation Park in Zalaegerszeg. There was also the possibility to take part in campus tours and laboratory visits. They were also able to meet student teams, including the Arrabona Racing Team, a European leader in the Formula Student racing series, the SZEngine engine development team, which works closely with the Arrabona team, and the SZEnergy Team, which broke its own world record last year in Europe's biggest energy efficiency competition. 

"I have heard nothing but good about the University from relatives and friends. My own impressions are also very positive, which is why the Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering at Széchenyi University is at the top of my list of places to study," said Ábel Friedrich from the town of Tatabánya. He added that he has long been interested in the structure, construction and operation of vehicles, and his long-term goal is to use his engineering skills to participate in a racing team in motorsport.

Ábel Friedrich and Máté Vida came from Tatabánya to the Open Day to find out more about the University's training in automotive engineering (Photo: András Adorján)


Ábel came with Máté Vida, also from Tatabánya, who was also interested in Vehicle Engineering.

"I have strong ties to Győr and the institution, as my parents work at Audi Hungaria and both my brothers graduated from Széchenyi University. So I already knew the campus environment and found it very attractive," he said. He added that he had also been to the Educatio Expo, where he got answers to all his questions, and the Open Day in Győr further strengthened his decision. "I am happy to have the opportunity to meet the student teams in person, because I want to get experience in Formula Student racing during my university years and later work in the world of technical sports," he said.

Luca Sepsi from Győr is only in the eleventh grade, but she already has definite plans: she wants to study at the Albert Kázmér Faculty of Mosonmagyaróvár at Széchenyi István University. (Photo by András Adorján)


"Although I still have a year and a half to go, because I'm in the eleventh grade, I already know that I want to go to Széchenyi University in Mosonmagyaróvár to study Agricultural Engineering. I am very fond of animals - I ride and work with them a lot myself, so I'm attracted to this career," said Luca Sepsi, a student at Kazinczy grammar school in Győr. She said she also wants to get to know the University campus in Mosonmagyaróvár, which is why she plans to visit the Faculty's open day on 19 January.


All questions were answered for those preparing for the final exams and the admission process.

(Photos by András Adorján, Máté Dudás)


Throughout the day, the University's lecture halls were packed to capacity for the presentations. The institution offers young people around a hundred programmes in eleven disciplines across nine faculties, including, starting in September, a new English-taught Bachelor's degree in International Business Economics and a new English-taught Master's degree in Modern Technologies and Cybersecurity Law. The institution has also launched a Bachelor's degree in Sociology in English, which was previously only available in Hungarian.

Many people were interested in the activities of student racing teams, including the Arrabona Racing Team.

(Photo by András Adorján)

The campus tours were popular on the Open Day (Photo: András Adorján)

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