Facilities at the university


The university has more than 40 engineering laboratories, of which a large number have been modernized through EU projects, so they can be used not only in education but also to promote scientific co-operation with companies in the region. There is a free Internet access for all students of the university and there are numerous computer rooms available for academic instruction and use by the students.


It is the information centre for professional literature at the university, but it also operates as a public technical library in the Transdanubian region. Its collection contains both classical and contemporary Hungarian and foreign books connected to the special areas taught in the regular and specialised courses at the university.

More information: http://lib.sze.hu/


The university provides a unique sports facility-network for physical education. The Sports Hall (jointly operated by the city) and the University Training Hall allow for PE activities from the morning until midnight. The cardio- and training rooms, the sports fields, park, the river Danube, and the swimming hall, which are either on campus or close to it, are facilities that are frequented by our students.

More information: http://tsk.sze.hu/


One of the largest dormitories operating in Hungary. It provides, in seven buildings (5 on campus and  2 off campus), accommodation for more than 2800 students in rooms for two. This structure makes it suitable to accommodate paying guests as well, especially in the summer. It is convenient and practical for sports camps, student camps and conferences.

More information: http://kollegium.sze.hu/


The Students’ Unions represent the interests of the students at each level and in each body of the university. The Students’ Self-Government asserts the students’ legal rights, decides on the allocation of state support and assists in dealing with the educational and social concerns of the students.

More information: http://ehok.sze.hu/