Name of faculty:

Faculty of Performing Arts

Type and name of qualification:


Duration of studies:

4 semesters – Full time programme



Programme Introduction:

The aim of the course is to acquire a higher level musical, technical and orchestral repertory; a deeper knowledge of the characteristics and requirements of orchestral and chamber music; as well as the knowledge of different styles. In regards to the styles the adequate performance of these styles, studying specific theoretical and historical materials, learning methods that help students to understand complicated music, the knowledge of analytical tools and instruments, and the basic general (theoretical and historical) studies required from a professional. The graduates will be prepared to do research in their given specialization, and to take part in further studies at the doctoral level.

a) The graduates of the Master’s course will acquire:

- a higher level musical, technical and orchestral repertory;

- the specific requirements of orchestral and chamber music;

- different styles and their performance;

- methods, which help gain a better understanding and deeper knowledge of the

specific theoretical and historical materials and of the analytical instruments;

-the basic and general material a professional musician should know,

- the specific requirements of the instrument;

- mastery in instrumental techniques,

- a higher level musical and technical repertoire of the instrument;

- stage performance with a piano accompanist, the ethics of behaviour and mediation

Structure of studies

The total number of credits needed to complete the programme is 180 credits. 1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 student working hours.

Language requirements

English as a primary language of instruction: automatic acceptance. Otherwise, one of the following indications of English-language proficiency: (a) TOEFL IBT test score of 66, or PBT score 513, (b) Cambridge First Certificate "B", (c) IELTS score of 5.5(d) any official certificate equal to the above mentioned

Academic requirements

1. An authorized copy of a BA degree from any higher education institution already completed.

2. personal interview and flute audition (or authentic video recording of the flute performance)

Tuition fee

3,000 EUR/semester

Application fee

100 EUR/ application

H-9026 Győr, Egyetem tér 1. 


(Administrative Building 103.)

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