Circular no. 10/2021 of the Governing Board

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on the supplement of study rules, the modification of the schedule of the academic year and the establishment of the framework of online examinations

realistic-loudspeaker-3d-megaphone_99660-93.jpgBased on point (1) of section 33 of the Organizational and Operational Regulations of SZE, the Governing Board of Széchenyi István University (hereinafter referred to as SZE) issues the present circular, taking into account the provisions:

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Széchenyi István University once again among the world’s best in THE ranking

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kep142.jpgFor the second time, Széchenyi István University is among the best in the world in the list of one of the largest international university ranking organizations, Times Higher Education (THE), which ranks higher education institutions according to their economic and social impact as well as their accountability. In one category, “sustainable cities and communities”, the University of Győr is in the top 200, proof that it is not only a good university, but also strives to meet the criteria of sustainability in all respects.

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Széchenyi István University Sports Association’s judoist prepares for the Paralympics

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kep119.jpgNorbert Fóris, a visually impaired student on the Masters programme in Sports and Recreation at Széchenyi István University, is striving to participate in the judo competition at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. He says he has been given more care and attention at the University’s Sports Club than  anywhere before, and he has also fallen in love with the community here and the city.

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Extraordinary Covid support and new scholarships at Széchenyi István University

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Thanks to the Széchenyi István University Foundation, the University has announced support grants for students and lecturer-researchers totalling almost one hundred million forints. Decisions have already been taken in the case of the academic, athletic and scientific scholarships for the first semester. As a new opportunity, until the end of April, full-time students whose families have experienced a significant loss of income due to the coronavirus epidemic or where unexpected circumstances have resulted in an extraordinary financial burden, are eligible to apply for Covid support.

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