Hungarian Summit: SZE’s programmes also attractive to young Americans

Category: English News Created: 2022.06.11 12:26

Széchenyi István University participated in the Hungarian Summit in Florida. Visitors to the event were able to learn about the institution's strengths, such as its long-established technical fields, student competition teams and sports opportunities.

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SZEnergy: Széchenyi István University student racing team among the best in the world

Category: English News Created: 2022.06.10 10:49

Széchenyi István University's SZEnergy Team of students came 4th in the Shell Eco-marathon Autonomous Programming Competition (APC), beating famous universities such as Berkeley, California, among others. The team members were welcomed at the Automotive Industry Research Centre. The University, which is at the forefront of engineering disciplines, is committed to providing practical training and promoting talent.

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SZE team wins Europe's biggest energy efficiency competition with world record

Category: English News Created: 2022.06.10 10:33

The SZEnergy Team, a team of students from Széchenyi István University, has won first place in Europe's largest energy efficiency competition, the Shell Eco-marathon in Assen, the Netherlands. The Győri team managed to cover a world-record 284 kilometres on 1 kilowatt-hour of energy, beating teams from major technical universities such as Munich, Toulouse and Milan.

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Historic moment - first celebration of SZE’s gold diploma engineers

Category: English News Created: 2022.06.07 17:36

DX2_9431 gold diploma 1.JPGFor the first time in its history, at a ceremony to present them with honorary diplomas, Széchenyi István University has welcomed alumni who graduated more than fifty years ago. More than 130 of the engineers who graduated from the predecessor of the institution, the Technical College of Transport and Telecommunications, received their gold diplomas at the alma mater in Győr.

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