Building E on Széchenyi István University’s Győr campus renovated

Category: News Created: 2020.11.19 15:50

The modernization of Building E at Széchenyi István University has been completed. With this renovation, the rehabilitation of the Győr inner campus has been completed. Three further facilities of the University will be renovated next year.

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Siemens contributes to SZE’s equipment park

Category: News Created: 2020.11.12 12:59

On 4 November 2020, as a symbol of an excellent partnership, Siemens Zrt. made a high-value donation in support of Széchenyi István University’s educational activities. Thanks to the gift, the University of Győr has been enhanced with the most up-to-date programmable logic controller (PLC) training package, Field PG programming devices, as well as a drive system and servomotor that can be used for research and development in the University laboratory by both students and lecturers.

Photos: Csaba József Májer / Széchenyi István University (SZE)

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Extraordinary education break

Category: News Created: 2020.11.11 14:18
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STIPENDIUM HUNGARICUM in the virtual space

Category: News Created: 2020.11.10 13:59

On 5 November 2020, Széchenyi István University held the academic year 2020/21 opening event for new Stipendium Hungaricum programme students.

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